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I'm a  photographer, videographer and  marketing guru.

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Alison Anzalone is an award winning photographer and videographer with worldwide experience. She has photographed hundreds of political VIPs and historic moments for our country. Photo credits include Newsweek cover photos and front-page photos for The New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and many more publications. Her video work has been seen around the world including producing a six-part video show focusing on America – China issues. Prior to her photo and video career, Alison has over a decade of successful marketing communications and strategy experience. She’s also an avid runner and currently resides in Chicago.


Alison is available for contract hire for photo, video and marketing work.


Full CV available on request

Currently based in Chicago and Australia, but frequently   internationally for assignments. Please contact me to discuss your next multi media or marketing project.

(312) 208- 0353 (USA)

Chicago, IL
Canberra, Australia



Website and online strategy, social media strategy & development, SEO consultation, Google AdWords campaigns.


More than 15 years of marketing communications experience


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Photography, videography, marketing.