I developed content and strategy for social media campaigns for the following:​​​​​​​
U.S. Embassy Canberra as Multimedia Specialist
• Increased video viewership by 40% in 6 months by strategically targeting audiences with media, totaling over 350,000 views from followers on embassy accounts
• Planned, produced, developed briefs and storyboards, shot and edited original videos fo embassy social media, and experimented with techniques to increase reach and engagement
•Increased social media community on Facebook by 10%; Twitter by 12%; Instagram by 34%
Online Communications Officer, RSPCA 
• Produced videos and graphics content for social media sites, crafted social media strategy, website and email tools to motivate and educate audience on animal welfare
• Raised over $3 million in donations using social media, email, video, traditional media
• Increased average video view rate by 30% over 6 months by strategically targeting audience with engaging and shareable media
•Increased social media followers by 18,000 within 5 months resulting in an increase  on Facebook by 7%, Twitter by 7%, and Instagram by 35%
​​​​​​​Campaign: Love is Blind
Over 11,000 views on YouTube
• Raised awareness, educate community and encourage community to take action on animal welfare issues.
• Managed 275,000 + followers on Facebook
Campaign: End Live Export 
• 77,000+ emails sent to politicians requesting action
• 42,000+ views on Facebook
• A ban was passed to no longer export live sheep to the Middle East starting in June 2019
My role: Multimedia Specialist for U.S. Embassy Canberra, Australia
Focus: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Goal: Inform Australian community on U.S. Policy, and showcase strength of the U.S. - Australia Alliance
Alliance in Action Video Series
• 30,000+ views on Facebook
• Planned, produced, shot and edited a series of seven videos + custom animated introduction 
Tim Tam Challenge and U.S.-Australia Trade Video 
• 150,00+ views on Facebook, Twitter
• Online video viewership increased by 40% 
View more examples of content creation at www.alisonanzalone.com/vid 
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