Demo Reel (2018)

Television Producer for ABC7's Built To Last series (2019)

Role: Produced, shot, edited (2019)

Role: US Embassy Canberra Alliance in Action series: Developed motion graphics intro, shot & edited interview. (2018)

 Role: Edited and created motion graphics (2019)

Role: RSPCA Choose Wisely: Editing of motion graphics (2015)

Role: Produced, shot, edited. (2018)

Role: shot, edited Avalon Airshow interview (2017)

Role: Idea conception, produced, shot, edited. (2017)

Role: Idea conception, produced, shot, edited for social media (2017)

Role: Shot, edited, motion graphics (2016)

Role:  Video Production for Argonne National Laboratory - produced, shot, edited (2019)

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